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Rewinding and repairing motors and pumps since 1982 

An established company, we have steadily built up a successful reputation based on the excellent quality of our service and products. Our friendly team are highly experienced and possess a broad knowledge of industries within the region, so whether you are in Argricultue, Manufacturing, Food, Process, Water or Quarrying we can help you.

Trust us to deliver impressive results every time:

CPMR are well established in our field, offering high quality repairs and products to ensure that our clients get the best possible service at competitive prices. Whether you need a motor or pump repaired, a site call you can be assured that we will deliver.


We can provide a emergency service for our loyal customers.


For further information, contact us today.

  • Pump and motors for all applications

  • Wide range of fittings and pipework

  • Capacitors and bearings held in stock

  • Filtration media and filters held in stock

Stacey Bray 



Kerry-Leigh Watkinson 

General Manager 

Peter Rowe 

Quotations and Sales Administrator   

Richard Wellington  

Mechanical Engineer & Motor Rewinder 

Richard Allen  

Mechanical Engineer 

Jonathan Harris   

Mechanical Engineer 


Largest stock of pumps & motors in the South West

Knowledgeable and skilled team

Full rewinding facilities at our workshop

Quick Service and competitive prices

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