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Are you Looking to Invest in Borehole Installation?

A borehole is the term used to describe a deep hole intended to tap a natural resource, such as water. Although they have been a source of water for centuries the benefits still remain relatively unclear, so if you are not sure, you’re not the only one! This article aims to clarify your knowledge and why you might like to make the investment.

So, how do they work? It is simple really; the holes accumulate water as a result of rain and natural run-off. Usually, boreholes are used as a self-sufficient water source for businesses and there a number of benefits as to why you might like to invest in installing one:

  • Enjoy a self-sufficient natural resource supply without relying on third party machinery

  • A brilliant environmentally friendly means of accessing a natural resource

  • The potential of financial return by increasing the value of a property

From installation to maintenance, our expert engineers specialise in all aspects of boreholes work. Whether you already have a borehole or are looking to install one, investing in preventative maintenance and servicing will ensure that you have reliable, working additions to your inventory.

CPMR Ltd. have been established since 1982. We are your Premier Electric Motor and Pump Specialist in the South West, our services include:

  • Full rewinding facilities on both our sites

  • Largest stock of pumps & motors in the region

  • Knowledgeable and skilled team

  • Sales, services and site

  • Highly competitive prices

  • 24 hr Service

We work proactively to help reduce reactive works being needed. Whether you have a commercial or domestic enquiry, please give our friendly team a call: St. Austell: 01726 879 579 or connect with us on Facebook to keep up with all of our latest announcements.

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