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Does Your Electric Motor Need a Rewind?

Has your electric motor stopped working, or does it keep tripping? If so, this suggests that a motor rewind is needed.

Here are a few common signs that you need to get your motor inspected:

  • Excessive noise and vibration from components of the motor.

  • Sparking from the motor.

  • Notable underperformance from the motor.

  • Complete failure of the motor.

  • Visible damage.

  • Carbon brushes wearing out faster than usual.

  • Higher energy usage.

Leaving these problems unchecked can lead to much more serious issues developing within the motor and even leave your motor completely irreparable.

But what is a motor rewind? Put simply, a Motor Rewind is an armature winding process that enables your old motor to regain some - or even all! - of its original efficiency.

CPMR Ltd. have been established since 1982. We are your Premier Electric Motor and Pump Specialist in the South West:

  • Full rewinding facilities

  • Largest stock of pumps & motors in the region

  • Knowledgeable and skilled team

  • Sales, services and site

  • Highly competitive prices

With a full-service workshop in St. Austell, we provide a fast, efficient service to get your pump / motor up and running again.

Whether you have a commercial or domestic enquiry, please give our friendly team a call: 01726 879 579

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