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How big are your footprints? Climate Change

Net Zero, Carbon Neutral, Climate Neutral, Absolute/true Zero all the same thing, right? NO!!

Don’t be a part of the current “Greenwashing Culture” start to implement removals not offsets.

Climate change, what does it mean and how can CPMR ltd help your Business with carbon footprint reduction?

The recent United Nations climate change conference (COP26) highlighted the need for enhanced commitments to mitigating climate change. It indicated the need for strategic planning to reduce waste and carbon footprint to ensure the future of our planet. Increasing amounts of storms, floods and wildfires have been evident around the world, causing damage to homes and businesses.

The news is not all negative as we are making progress with reduced air pollution, restoration of nature and creating jobs to tackle climate change. What is clear, however, is that we need to act quicker and do more.

Could you repair equipment instead of replacing it? Today’s choice could be helping to protect the environment for future generations.

At CPMR we can help you reduce your requirement to replace failed Motors and Pumps by inspecting and repairing your mechanical items. We have been rewinding motors inhouse since 1982.

What happens when a repair is not a viable choice?

CPMR can offer a wide range of low energy rated pumps and motors to help keep running and energy costs low, helping your business save financially whilst contributing to the global effort. We will also happily recycle your old items to prevent them ending up in landfill.

Within our own building we have installed a rainwater harvesting system to reduce our city water usage. This is a fantastic simple way to add another environmentally friendly, and money saving feature to your business portfolio. All that is required is a roof and space for storage facilities and a small space for the pumping equipment.

Small steps lead to substantial changes! We have started our journey to supporting the global effort on climate change and look forward to helping you on yours too.


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