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How to Know if Your Motor is Ready for a Service/Rewind

Motors are a vital and practical tool that are widely used in a huge array of industries. They can be found in your air-conditioning unit, electric equipment, and other everyday home or industrial appliances. But when one stops working or malfunctions, you need to know if it needs a motor rewind for repair or if it is time to get a replacement.

Almost all electrical equipment requires planned inspection and maintenance to ensure it is kept in good working condition at all times. This is especially critical for electric motors. Periodic servicing prevents serious damage to machinery by locating potential problems.

These are the key things you should look out for...

  • Excessive noise and vibration

  • Sparking from the motor

  • Notable underperformance

  • Complete failure

  • Visible damage to the commutator

  • Carbon brushes wearing out faster than usual

  • Higher energy usage

But what is motor rewinding? Put simply, it's an armature winding process that enables your old motor to regain some - or even all! - of its original efficiency.

CPMR Ltd. have been established since 1982. We are your Premier Electric Motor and Pump Specialist in the South West:

  • Full rewinding facilities on both our sites

  • Largest stock of pumps & motors in the region

  • Knowledgeable and skilled team

  • Sales, services and site

  • Highly competitive prices

  • 24 hr Service

With two workshops, one in Plymouth and the other in St. Austell, we provide a fast, efficient service to get your pump / motor up and running again.

Whether you have a commercial or domestic enquiry, please give our friendly team a call:

Plymouth: 01752 695 688 St. Austell: 01726 879 579

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