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CPMR Ltd are proud members of the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades. The association represents companies who manufacture, distribute, install, service, maintain and repair industrial machinery technology such as electric motors, drives, pumps, fans, gearboxes, generators, transformers, switchgear and ancillary equipment. As members, CPMR Ltd agrees to uphold the association’s code of practice and work to a set of principles, qualities, and standards as outlined on the association’s website. As members, we also support the association in its activities and initiatives. The association plays a leading role in ensuring that equipment is repaired and maintained for maximum energy efficiency and care of the environment. CPMR Ltd reuse and recycle well over 75% of materials when overhauling and refurbishing equipment, ensuring that the best use is made of the world’s limited resources of raw materials such as copper, aluminium, and steel. The process of refurbishment uses the minimum amount of energy for transportation and the manufacture of spare parts, which helps to protect the environment and often doubles the life of the equipment. As AEMT members CPMR Ltd  advise on when equipment should be repaired or replaced, and whether more efficient equipment is available from the manufacturers.

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