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CPMR's Exceptional Service Delivers Life Saving Solution for Local Quarry

A local quarrying company has expressed immense gratitude for the exceptional service provided by CPMR (Cornwall Pump & Motor Rewinds) when a critical motor failure threatened to cripple their operations.

Due to its specialized nature, the replacement motor for the failed component had a lead time of 18 weeks from the manufacturer. This delay would have resulted in a staggering loss for the quarry.

In a desperate situation, the quarry reached out to CPMR, a leading provider of motor repair and rewinding services in Cornwall. To their relief, CPMR's engineers assessed the damaged motor and determined that it could be overhauled and rewound in-house within 24 hours.

CPMR's team disassembled the motor, meticulously cleaned and inspected its components, and rewound the windings to the exact specifications. The entire process was completed within the promised timeframe.

‘Thank you for getting this repaired so promptly’, said the quarry's engineering supervisor.

 CPMR were delighted to help them save a fortune in lost revenue and keep their production line running smoothly.

Impressed by CPMR's professionalism and responsiveness, the quarry is a loyal customer. They have repeatedly entrusted CPMR with the maintenance and repair of their essential electrical motors, ensuring continued reliability and productivity.

As a result of CPMR's unwavering dedication to excellence, they have established a reputation as the trusted partner for motor repair and rewinding services in Cornwall and beyond.

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